Dragon is not only the name of the mythical animal terrorizing our children. It’s also the name given to the helicopters of the Securité civile (Civil Security) which mission is to rescue people stranded in inaccessible and isolated places. Flying the Dragon 06, the helicopter based in Cannes (in the Alpes-Maritimes region) is entrusted to the « Sky rescue workers ». Who are these men? Pilots, mecanics, paramedics, physicians, and mountain experts form the team. On call 24/7, they stay close to the red and yellow helicopter. Nicolas Moscara and Quentin Wardavoir followed them during a whole summer, between Cannes and the Italian border.

Reportage intégrale

Duration : 60 min
Production : Patrick Spica Productions
Distribution : TF1 REPORTAGES
Date of distribution : 2014
Director : Nicolas MOSCARA
Image : Nicolas Moscara et Quentin Wardavoir
Editing : Laurent Abellard